Increase your immune system with a good diet

Ways to improve your immune system in a natural method? Here's the best ways to easily enhance your immune defenses through our diet.

With the arrival of the cold, we tend to take haven in our homes and, unfortunately, we end up being more vulnerable to microorganisms. For active mommies who want to boost their body immune system and not be overwhelmed by a bad virus, it is vital to know some superfoods to face the winter season.

To boost immune defenses, draw frequently in these natural remedies, simple to find in supermarket or natural stores Thanks to them, our body immune system will be enhanced, our skin will breathe health, we will have lots of energy and a better state of mind.

Plants to increase the body immune system
Some advantageous plants to enhance the immune system can be taken in routinely, such as standard foods. This is the case of Moringa, which grows at the foot of the Mountain ranges. Also opt for a remedy of ginseng: known throughout the world for its stimulating properties, this "adaptogenic" plant assists the body to adapt to day-to-day stress.

How to boost your body immune system? With superfoods
These foods found in nature are abundant in nutrients good for health, therefore boosting the body immune system:

- Camu-camu, a small fruit discovered in the Amazon rainforest, is among the best sources of vitamin C. A powerful anti-oxidant, it can be consumed every day with lemon and honey. This elixir to improve immune defenses, ideal for children, mixes with beverages, does not contain sugar, and is dosed as required.

- The baobab is a very good source of fiber. These prebiotics "feed" the great intestinal germs that play an important role in our body immune system. In addition to pectin (fiber type), baobab consists of calcium, vitamin C and iron, all of which can improve the body immune system.

- Fungis have been known for centuries for their capability to strengthen the immune system. Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi are the most efficient; they can be taken in every day.

To boost immune defenses: probiotics, prebiotics and fermented foods
The digestive system is at the leading edge of immune defense. It is specifically by promoting the growth of advantageous digestive germs that prebiotics and probiotics support the immune system.
Natural yogurt is an outstanding source of probiotics, to be taken in every day. Prebiotics are discovered in asparagus, bananas and chicory. Prebiotics and probiotics are also present in fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha, guar gum, sauerkraut and kefir.

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Ways to improve your body immune system? Vegetables and fruits!
Plants include countless natural phytochemicals that secure them from microbes, other dangers and fungal infections. These compounds can also increase your immune system.

Whenever possible, select natural and seasonal fruits and vegetables, which have the tendency to be richer in nutrients. In addition, let's prevent cooking colored veggies: preferably, let's eat them raw.

The most powerful anti-oxidants to improve immune defenses are discovered in red fruits: blueberries, bilberries, blackberries and strawberries. These fruits hold their color anthocyanins, as well as consist of remarkable quantities of vitamin C.
Here are some other examples of good phytochemicals for the immune system:

- yellow carotenoids present in sweet potatoes and yellow pumpkins;

- lycopene, of red color, present in tomatoes and guava;

- allicin, white in garlic;

quercetin, present in onions;

- resveratrol, present in red grapes and red wine.

Green tea to improve immune defenses
Frequently consuming green tea to enhance your body immune system is a good idea: this very popular drink in China helps to combat inflammation, gets rid of totally free radicals responsible for illness and secures the DNA within cells.

To enhance the body immune system, trust zinc
Typically overlooked, this mineral mineral with antioxidant residential or commercial properties plays an essential role in the body immune system, considering that it takes part in recovery and avoids infections. It is discovered primarily in beef. That's why vegetarians must look for their zinc consumption, which is also present in pumpkin seeds.

Get rid of toxic substances and improve your body immune system
Some substances ease the body immune system by helping the body get rid of toxic substances. This is the case of chlorophyll, antioxidant found in all green vegetables ... to consume without moderation!

Whey to increase immune defenses
Isolated from whey, milk, or whey, is easy to consume and contains powerful antioxidants. We can add whey powder to our breakfasts and milk drinks, especially if we want to be endurance throughout our exercises.Here

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